Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Team Run-Around Buddy

The actual wedding was the following evening.  The girls and I had gotten a hotel room (1. most of them were from out of town and didn't have any other place to stay, 2.  I didn't want to have to drive the thirty minutes back to our house afterwards, and 3.  we were planning on taking advantage of the open bar).  We met up there and took the trolly over to the reception, which was at a beautifully green country club.  As was the case the night before, everything was high class and top dollar.  Waiters were carrying around trays of shrimp and barbecue appetizers, the bartenders were generous in their pouring, and the rest of the guests were dressed impeccably.

The wedding party eventually arrived and we were instructed to sit while they walked in and had the first dance.  This was followed by a three-course meal and the best man/maid of honor speeches.

After a delicious plate or two of cake we headed out to the dance floor to get the party started.  And after a few more cocktails, we were inventing new dance moves and pulling other people up to join the fun.  Kelsey looked lovely and we all had a great time being wild and crazy like the good old days.

(photos by e.hunt, a.baker, and k.jaeger)

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  1. So much fun ~ nice to be a part of these special occasions!