Sunday, June 28, 2015

When the World Seems to Shine, Like You've Had Too Much Wine, That's Amore

Wedding trip, down!  It was a lovely celebration filled with old friends and lots of laughs.  The rain stopped as my date and I walked to the venue, and we arrived just in time to see the couple's first dance.  They covered all of the traditional wedding activities; Father-Daughter dance, bouquet-garter toss, cake slicing, and our old Zeta dance song.  It was immediately followed by our cheerleader Roh-Rahh chant, and some pictures of the group.

When the festivities ended, our little group packed up and walked to our favorite bar, Finnegan's, and took over a whole section of tables.  We reminisced about old college times, discussed a wide range of movies, and laughed at everything.  My date and I finished out the evening at his place and decided the night was a great success.  The best part was seeing all my old friends together and having a great time helping Hannah celebrate love and marriage.  That's amore!

(photos by someone's date)

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