Monday, June 15, 2015

That Adobe Color: Santa Fe Day Two

The next morning we took off to Canyon Road, which was filled with high-end boutiques and galleries.  It was a beautiful day for walking and taking in the southwest vibes.  There were vibrant flowers sprawling about and large sculptures strewn throughout.

After a bit, I set out on my own to head further up the street.  I stopped by this neat little coffeeshop for a mocha and was delighted to find these fantastic signs on the walls.

I continued on up the road where Mom and the Grandmas picked me up and we went on a sightseeing drive around the area back to the hotel.

That afternoon the group split up for a while: Nana and I walked back up to the square and surrounding areas while Mom and Grandma went on a historical bus tour.  For the rest of the trip they were filling us in with little facts and stories about the town.  Nana and I went to another one of her favorites, a French Coffeeshop!  I was not opposed.

We had a great time checking out the shops and galleries, and she got to show off her bartering skills; I got some new jewelry for a great deal!

Later that evening, Nana went back to the hotel and I met up with Mom by the Loretto Chapel where the famous floating staircase is housed.  Sadly, they were not allowing visitors to enter on account of a wedding.  Oh well, guess that means I have to go back sometime!

That night we went to a lovely restaurant for dinner.  I tried a locally brewed brown ale, which was quite tasty, and enjoyed my chicken concoction of a meal.  The winner was Grandma's crab cakes though, which she was gracious enough to let us all try.

(photos by e.hunt, and r.hunt)

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