Monday, June 15, 2015

Southwest Is Best: Santa Fe Day One

Well, I took over three hundred photos during the three days we were in Santa Fe and after all the editing and going through and deleting multiples, I'm down to a little over two hundred.  It was amazing how much detail there was, how much of a focus was on the artistic quality of the world around us.  We had a lot of fun walking and driving around, just exploring the southwest.  You never knew when you were going to turn a corner and get an amazing eye-full.

We had our own personal tour guide, in the form of my Nana, who's been going there multiple times a year for fourteen years!  She knew all the streets and all the best places to go.  It was quite fun hearing her tell stories of her and Grandpa strolling around the square and checking out her artwork that was displayed in one of the galleries.

When we arrived on Friday, we had lunch at the charming little hotel restaurant.  We then made our way up to the square.  I found the Starbucks right away and got a much needed refueling Cinnamon Dolce latte.

That night we went to one of Nana's favorites, The Diner for dinner.  I got tortilla soup, which wasn't quite as good as Dad's version, but was still very satisfying.  Afterwards, Grandma and Nana retired to the rooms so Mom and I went down to the bar in front of our hotel, which was quite the local hotspot, and had margaritas!  Mine with salt, hers without, and they gave us the shakers to refill our glasses when running low.  We both got a little giggly and decided to walk back up to the square to sit on a bench and people watch.

(photos by e.hunt, and r.hunt)

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