Monday, June 8, 2015

Thee Dopp Kitt

My, oh my have I been busy!  Last week was filled with work and travel preparations, which included replacing and painting my bathroom travel bag.  As you already know, I love all things grey, and thought my white fabric paint would look smashing with it and it's black trim.

Next was deciding what to paint!  I knew a continuous pattern would look best, but what could I paint continuously but also make it different throughout?  Flowers?  Eh, my feelings on floral are always changing.  Leaves?  Hmmm, a little similar to the flower idea.  Random doodle pattern?  Meh, I've done that before.  Arrows?  Well, it's a pattern that's a little overdone, but the geometric quality would work well with the straight edges, and it would be easy to make each one different.  Arrows it is!  So I poured myself some Grapefruit Pellegrino, turned on the Benny Goodman radio station, and painted away.

(photos by e.hunt)

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