Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Portrait Blouse

Speaking of teacher-friendly budgets, since that's what my income will be in a couple years, I've started to think about how I can adapt some of my more office wardrobe pieces to a more casual, history-teaching level.  I'm thinking I'll probably have to dress a little more business-y than required to differentiate myself from the students, and to look more like an authority figure.  This calls for some inspiration.

The skirt, with anything ranging from a plaid button-up, to a layered sweater, to a plain t-shirt tucked in.  Throw on a blazer, cardigan, or light-weight jacket for cooler months.

Next is the dress, conservative and easy to move around in, dressed up with a blazer or bow-tie, or a more casual maxi with a belt.

And you can't forget pants, either for casual friday or everyday days.  Love the scholarly argyle socks with comfy loafers, scarves are a must, and I'm not usually a fan of matching pantsuits, but the one below is delightfully undone.

(photos collected from inhonorofdesign, lolobu, workdayweekend, citizencouture, classygirlswearpearls, alittledashofdarling, cindispivey, simplybikeblog, vanessajackman, and chictopia)

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