Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hanging Out In the Dugout

Two nights ago was baseball great Derek Jeter's last home game ever.  Now, I don't really follow the sport anymore, but there was a time when my brothers and I were huge fans.  We each had our own baseball card collections, loved going to The Dugout baseball card store, and Dad even took us to a few baseball card shows.  The three of us each had our favorite players: Taylor's was Mark McGwire, Andrew's was Derek Jeter, and mine was Alex Rodriguez.  In honor of Jeter's last game, I broke out the old collection books and flipped through.

We spent many hours organizing them to no end, trading amongst each other, and putting them in order from most to least favorite.  We each had a special way to display our favorite players' cards.  Taylor put his in individual cases, Andrew had a smaller book of pages, and I had mine in the front of my big book.

And in the back of mine, I had a special section called the Funny Pages, housing cards where the player was making a funny face, or in the middle of a weird body contortion.  Oh man, we had some good times, and it was fun to flip through them again, remembering certain cards and players.  Andrew and Taylor, next time you're in town, we should break them out again and have a trading session, just like old times.

(photos by e.hunt)

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