Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lost in the Right Direction

I recently began watching New Girl on Netflix, which is a TV show starring Zooey Deschanel as a girl in her mid to late twenties who breaks up with her longtime boyfriend and moves into a loft with three guys.  The loft space is more realistic and it is actually believable that the four could afford it as well as the furnishings inside it.  So much of the time, homes and apartments that people have on screen make no sense compared to what their salary would be or how old they are.  The show doesn't have the best writing, and the guy characters are rather predictable sporty, player, and sensitive type caricatures, but it is entertaining.  And Zooey is adorable, playing the girl as her usual quirky, sing-y, energetic self, with an equally adorable (and also believable on her teacher salary) wardrobe.

(photos collected from zimbio,, ew, lovelyish, and spottedontv)

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