Saturday, September 20, 2014

Patience Is Not the Ability to Wait, But How You Act While You're Waiting

Once I am making some money again (I have a second interview with Starbucks on Monday, so we'll see if that works out) there are a few things I'd like to acquire to fill out my fall wardrobe for the year.

First, a full-on Winter coat.  My recent re-watching of the show with the greatest winter looks ever, Gossip Girl, reaffirmed my need for an actual coat.  A leather motorcycle or bomber jacket would be great too.

Second, olive green jeans.  They would work perfectly with my mainly black, grey, and navy wardrobe.

Third, more sweaters.  I have a feeling I will be going to Goodwill a lot this year to fill out my sweater collection at a low cost.

And an optional fourth, more boots!  I can't get enough of the ankle boot, and would love to have a couple more options on my shoe shelf.  A good pair of bad weather boots is the priority though.

(photos collected from pinterest, celebstyle, victorialannom, seamsforadesire, vanillaextract, azita66, stylemotivation, classygirlswearpearls, rachelsayumi, whatoliviadid, and api.shopstyle)

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