Friday, January 24, 2014

The Star Always Wears the Nicest Shirt

So there are pretty much three things you can assume about all sorority girls.  1.  The particular chapter that they are a member of is the best sorority of all of them.  I say this, but really, Zeta is the best.  2.  They love and understand Ke$ha songs on a very deep level.  They're just so fun to dance to!  3.  They put as much thought and effort into costume parties as they would into deciding their life's purpose.
Being a former sorority girl myself, I admit to all of these things.  I went to my first costume party since college this past weekend, and man, my sorority-girl outlook on these affairs has not changed.  I went to the goldmine of costume ideas, Goodwill, and went through the entire women's side of the store.  The two possibilities I found, a fringe-y shirt for an Indian and a navy blue and red military jacket for a Sailor, were both a bit disappointing.  Then, on a whim, and amid the judgmental 'Oh that poor girl, she's too young to be a mom,' looks from my fellow Goodwillers, I wandered over to the pre-teen boys section and found a plethora of superhero themed (and most-likely pajama) shirts.  They had Ninja Turtles, Superman, Spongebob, Thomas the Tank Engine, and many more.  There was this really great Buzz Lightyear shirt that had neon green mesh wings when you raised your arms but it was just a bit too small.  I settled on the classically cool Spiderman, found a red skirt to go with it, and made a web-adorned mask to complete the look.
Then off my Pippi Longstocking-adorned roommate and I went to this Halloween in January Nashville Cast and Crew party.  It was a blast, and there happened to be a photobooth company called The Photoboot parked right outside to capture all the action.

(photos collected from Nashville Photoboot)

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  1. HA! That's the Zeta-girl we all know and love!! Did you show them all how to dance, too?!