Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm Your Huckleberry

Andrew and I had our (almost) weekly Dinner and Movie night a few days ago.  I whipped up some spaghetti and while enjoying the red sauce pasta, we commenced to choosing a feature.  We had an extra DVD player in the garage stock back in St. Louis, so we now have a wider selection than movies that came out on VHS.  We settled on Tombstone, the star-laden western epic tale of Wyatt Earp's legend-making turn in the boomtown of Tombstone.  Stars Kurt Russell as the legend himself, with Sam Elliot as his big brother (the only one who wasn't really acting because he probably just lives this kind of life), and Val Kilmer as the show-stealing Doc Holliday.

A few parts were a little over-dramatized ("And Hell's coming with me!"), and the whole thing was pretty Hollywood-ized (although the director has been quoted that all lightning and all mustaches were real), but overall it was entertaining and it's worth watching for Val Kilmer's character alone.

Just a little fun fact: this guy (from Tombstone)

and this guy (from Avatar)

are the same actor.  Shocking, I know.

(photos collected from imdb, and googleimages)

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