Sunday, November 17, 2013

Live True Thrift

After the Incident of the Bee That Needs to Go to Anger Management, I went to a thrift store to cheer myself up.  Turned out to be a wonderful little place with a friendly owner and a great selection of vintage western style stuff, ranging from clothing to suitcases to records to other odds and ends, with shoes that lined the lower perimeter of the entire store.

Only a few items in the whole store had price tags, so it was the kind of place that if the owner liked you, you would get a better deal.  I found this awesome little suede jacket and expected it to be around $30+ but when I asked, she said, "Ahhhh I can give it to you for $15," and then waived the tax when I was ringing out.  She told me she was reorganizing the store and putting out a lot more merchandise in the next two days so I will definitely be making another trip before Christmas and maybe find a present or two.

(photos by e.hunt)

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