Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Very Bright Planet

Another movie post?  Why not!  Last night's feature was K-PAX, a thought-provoking film about aliens and psychiatrists.  This is not your usual 'the aliens are here to kill us!' action movie though.  In this case, the alien is in the form of Kevin Spacey, just here to check things out.  It's another that, though I have seen it before, was very rewarding to watch again, and took away something entirely different than the first time.  Prot (Kevin Spacey) arrives and is immediately taken to a psychiatric ward upon saying he is visiting from the planet K-PAX.  There, the Psychiatrist (Jeff Bridges) finds his alien act very convincing, and begins to question his thoughts and beliefs.  Watching Prot see and experience the life of a human is beautiful and funny, his favorite thing being our wide variety of fruits: "Your produce alone has been worth the trip," he says as he eats a banana whole, skin and all.  Best line.

(photo collected from googleimages)

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