Friday, February 3, 2017

There Is So Much Sky

I don't know about any of you, but for me it's been quite the busy week!  On Monday I met up with an old sorority friend who just moved to St. Louis.  We met up at Crushed Red over in Clayton where we had pizza and salad and got all caught up on our lives.  Looking forward to our next hang out!

After that I stopped by Artmart and picked up a little sketchbook to keep by the couch so I can doodle when I'm watching tv.  Next, I drove back to work to complete my training to train new hires!  My boss hired seven or eight new people (we've been short-staffed for a while now) and needed some extra people to help train them all right away.  Plus, I get a $65 bonus for each person that completes the training!!  So far, my two trainees are doing well, and have both mentioned how much they are enjoying the training, so yay.

I've also hung out with the work girls a couple nights this week.  On Monday we met up at TGI Fridays, which happens to be right across the street from my apartment.  Convenient!  It's sort of our after-work-drinks spot.  Last night one of the girls made a bunch of food so we had dinner at her house and watched Deadpool, the non-superhero movie that came out last summer.  As I expected, it was not as good, funny, or innovative as everyone made it out to be.

I have today and tomorrow off work and I am very glad.  Training people is exhausting!  I have a few errands to run, a little apartment cleaning to do, and some homework, but I am just looking forward to relaxing a bit!  Also, how is it already February?!

(photos by e.gerhardt, and e.hunt)

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