Monday, February 6, 2017

Winter White Mood Board

I was going through the blog circuit today and one of my newer follows (The Clothes Horse) recently did a February Mood Board post and I thought it was a cool idea that I'd like to try.  Hers was red and pink themed, because you know, Valentine's Day, but I think I might do a Winter White theme.  Even though we've had the most mild winter I can remember (HELLO CLIMATE CHANGE-DENIERS), I'm thinking there's going to be at least one snowy day before the season is out.  Here's hoping!

(photos collected from cheezburger,, freepeople, getmetacos.tumblr, instagram, hercampus, modernandclassy.tumblr, themountainlaurel.tumblr,,,,,,,, blog.thedpages, thegiftsoflife.tumblr, and polienne)

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