Sunday, August 14, 2016

This Side of Space

Last Friday was go day, so we woke up fairly early, packed up the car, then went to Kaldi's with Taylor before getting on the road.  Andrew would be getting off work around four or so, so we didn't want to arrive before that.  Turns out we didn't really have to worry, 'cus we ended up hitting a two-hour traffic delay!  We still don't really know what happened, but after getting to the front of the line, the highway was closed off so we had to detour through a tiny farm town.

We got there around five thirty and hung out at the house for a while before heading over to The Pharmacy.  It was one of my favorites when I lived there; Andrew and I would often go there for a beer and a burger.  There was quite a wait so we headed out to the outdoor bar for a drink.

After dinner we played a round of cards and went to bed.  We were all tired and needed to rest up for the next day.  We decided to grab coffee before leaving and Andrew and Juliana wanted to try this new place a few blocks from their house called Dose.

It was an interesting concept, sort of a semi-breakfast, semi-coffeeshop hybrid.  We sat down and ordered our coffees and pastries, but there was also a counter to order and go.  It was nice to sit and order, but it seemed to take a while for our things to arrive.  Turned out to be pretty good though.  After that we got back on the road for the last six to seven hours.  It was a quick stop but fun to catch up with the Nashvillians.

(photos by e.hunt)

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