Friday, August 19, 2016

Salty Eyelashes and the Endless Ocean

The next day was uneventful.  We followed the same schedule as before; coffee on the veranda, sunscreen in the room, and claiming the end umbrella set.  We were both in a more relaxed state and decided to not do a castle that day.

Around mid-afternoon, the sky was starting to get really cloudy with big, dark storm clouds.  We decided to call it a day and go to Destin for a little shopping before picking Debby up at the airport later that evening.

The next day was a stunner.  After coffee and sandwich-making, we headed down to the beach.  It was another lovely day.  The water was a little more choppy, with a slight undercurrent to the left, so it was a bit more of an adventure going into the water.  After a few beachy beverages, and a lot of sun, we were ready to go up and get cleaned up for dinner.

We decided to go out for seafood at one of our old favorites, Pompano Joe's.  It's a big house that sits right on the beach, so we got drinks and headed out to one of the boardwalks while waiting for our table.

The wait was only about thirty or forty minutes, surprisingly.  Usually at those kinds of places it's so packed the wait can be upwards of two hours!  We were lucky and got a table in one of the windows. We each decided on something a little different, and all plates were delicious.  It was a fun night, and always nice to drive on Old 98, the old highway that goes along the beach.  There are a lot of cool old houses and newer resorts, and we even spotted the Tranquility House where the big Hunt family used to stay when we first started coming to Destin way back in 1994.

(photos by e.hunt, and r.hunt)

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