Monday, August 1, 2016

She Thought Two Thoughts and the Two Thoughts She Thought Were These

We leave for Florida in just four days!  I am working the next three so today is really my only day to run all my last-minute errands and start packing.  Mom and I plan to leave in the late morning on Friday and drive the five hours to Nashville.  We will be staying there that night with Andrew and Juliana.  I'm excited to catch up with them, and see their house.

The next morning I imagine we'll get coffee (maybe at one of my old favorites!) then be on our way.  It'll be about six or seven hours to Fort Walton from Nashville, so we'll probably get there in the evening sometime.  Perfect timing for a little seafood dinner and a trip to the grocery store.  One of the things I have to do this week is put together a couple driving playlists that both Mom and I will enjoy.

And on Sunday, and every day after that, we will go to the beach!!

(photos collected from, and by e.hunt)

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