Wednesday, September 9, 2015

When the Wind Is Blowing In the West, That Is When the Fishing's Best

After coffee, Mom and I went down by the docks to take some personal style pics.  It was a beautiful day; sunny and warm, but with cool clouds rolling through.  The dock was surrounded by all kinds of weird water vegetation.

Notice the seagull friend I made in the last one!  He followed us over to the next location by the ship yard.

I found the white dress at a thrift store a few weeks before, thinking it would be perfect for some island wear.  I paired it with my black neck scarf and zipper shoes to finish off the look.  Can't really go wrong with black and white.

After the ship yard, we walked back over in the other direction.  Everywhere you looked in this town was picturesque!

(photos by r.hunt)

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