Thursday, September 10, 2015

Look At That Sand

We decided to build the next sandcastle in front of the remains from the previous one.  So along with the outbuildings, we had the beginnings of our very own sandcastle civilization.

We came up with a new way to drop buckets for towers.  After filling the bucket with sand, we would flip it over on top of a paddle, place it over the previous form, then pull the paddle out, letting it drop softly on top.  It makes for a much more foolproof process, and led to the creation of this massive tower that was almost as tall as me!

To make it look even taller, we started cutting down the base pile.  Along the front we left the slope and made a perfect bridge between two smaller buckets.  We found that the angled walls on the side helped keep it up for much longer than the straight sides of the first attempt.  After that was complete, I started carving the grand master staircase down the front.

(photos by j.kowalik, g.hunt, r.hunt, and e.hunt)

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