Sunday, February 2, 2014

XOXO, Gossip Girl

So, I am going to reveal a little fact about myself that I'm a bit embarrassed about.  Kindof like how I've always been a little nervous about sharing my deep nerd love for Lord of the Rings.  This, however, is the exact opposite of that.  I am a closet Gossip Girl fan.  Remember that show?  I watched it from the beginning; one, because I was curious, two, because the fashion was (and still is) awe-inspiring, and three, because all of the gorgeous, money-d, and scandalous teenagers, that were supposed to be the same age as I was, were the exact opposite of me and my life.  It was a fun escape from my somewhat boring high school career.  I should note, that even though I was a big fan, it wasn't because I wanted to have to deal with the crazy things they dealt with on the show.  I didn't wish my life was like that.  I just liked watching it, as a guilty pleasure.  Now, the show did go downhill around season four, which is when I stopped watching.  They had run out of, and used up all the interesting storylines.
Anyway, back to the now.  I signed up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime before the holidays for gifts and such.  It was nice, and I could definitely see the benefits if you were an avid Amazoner, but once the holidays were over, and before the trial ended, I got a little Amazon crazy and ended up ordering Season One of Gossip Girl.  It was fun watching it again, and this time, I could relate more, having expanded my own fashion knowledge and experimentation, and being involved in a scandal or two in college.  It's also funnier than I remember: with all the one-liners and epic comebacks flying around, it's one laugh after another.  And even though it's been about seven years since it aired, the clothing and the way it is used and put together is still groundbreaking.

(photos collected from pinterest)

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