Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Good Anything Is Made Up of Familiar Things Done Right

This weekend was a delightful one indeed.  My parents came to town, around seven-ish on Friday evening, bringing with them the makings of my new favorite cocktail, Pellegrinos.  Pellegrino (the grapefruit version) is an Italian sparkling water, that you pour over an amount of vodka to your liking, and add a nice lime garnish.  It's deliciously refreshing, especially when you have it with chips and salsa.

Later on we went to the best pizza joint in town, Five Points Pizza.  As you'll see throughout this post, the Hunt family knows their food.  The next morning we all met up at my favorite coffee shop, Ugly Mugs, for a little caffeinated jump-start to the day.  Next we went to the Flea Market, the giant Fairgrounds one that Nashville is known for.  Andrew found an old record, but I had the most success of the day, in something that I was looking for, and something that was just too awesome to pass up.  Here are both.  Can you guess which is which?

I have been in the market for a coffee-table surface to use when I sit on the floor in front of the couch.  It is by far my favorite way to do any kind of work.  I was having trouble finding something that had space to put my legs under, but was also small enough to fit in our compact living room.  Then Dad came up with the idea of looking at piano benches, which is what I ended up getting!  It looks pretty used and dirty, you say?  I say that maybe it just needs a little love (in the form of some DIY magic of course).  Now, the panels were the unexpected find of the day.  We think that they were part of a triptic, with the middle one missing, because the other side definitely shows that they were part of a set.

Now I just need to figure out how (and where) to hang them.  After walking around the flea market for a few hours, we were all getting hungry, so Andrew and I took Mom and Dad to this awesome little hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop.  The kind where older gentleman come in everyday and go to their spot at the counter for their midday meal.  Except, when we got there, we realized that instead of the corner shack it used to be in, it had moved around the corner into a fancy new building and was absolutely packed with people.  A much different vibe than what it used to be, but the sandwiches were still top-notch.  After a late afternoon break time, we met up for Mexican food at a place called Rose Pepper.  Mmmm Mexican is always good, and so are margaritas!  Afterwards, Dad and Andrew went to his house to play music with some of the locals, while Mom and I went to go see The Monuments Men, which was wonderfully done.  Don't worry, it's getting the Erica Hunt Movie Review Blog Post treatment, so stay tuned.  Mom and Dad left early the next morning, and it was back to our regular lives.  Except now, I have Internet in my apartment, which enables me to write posts on my own couch, as I'm doing right now.  Ahhhh, it truly is the little things.

(photos by g.hunt, and e.hunt)

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