Saturday, February 15, 2014

There are Two Kinds of Spurs, My Friend: Those That Come in by the Door, and Those That Come in by the Window

As everyone knows, yesterday was Valentine's Day, and since I didn't have a Valentine to do Valentine's Day things with, I made myself a vodka tonic and watched a classic romantic film, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  Now, I was trying to be funny there, since there's only one male-female interaction in the whole movie, and it's Angel Eyes beating a woman for information.  He's The Bad, obviously.  Clint Eastwood, in the prime of his man-with-no-name days, plays Blondie, the Good, who knows the most valuable name in the world.  Eli Wallach is the greedy, scheming Ugly, Tuco, and he is just a delight.  The three are racing to find a fortune buried in a graveyard, while getting caught up in Civil War plights, revenge attempts, and gunfights.  It has possibly the greatest shootout ever filmed:  the ten minutes of close-ups of Blondie in that iconic poncho, Angel Eyes' disfigured finger, and Tuco's shifty eyes raise the tension to an anxiety-inducing level.  Who lives, who dies?  Who gets the gold?  Watch it and find out.  Also, make sure you watch the opening credits; the use of textures, colors, and classic "old west" typography, is wonderfully done.

(photos collected from googleimages)

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