Sunday, June 30, 2013

Western State of Mind

Home for the weekend, and a delightful weekend it has been.  Lots of Dewey's pizza, Kaldi's coffee, and of course, shopping with mom.  I love shopping with mom, she knows my style and is very good at finding things that I'll like, and provides a great second opinion when I try things on.  It turned into a pretty successful trip, this Western shirt being the most unexpected.  Pearl buttons, floral collarbone detailing, and those little balls that hang from a sombrero's rim line the sleeves.  It was just begging to be worn with some jeans and my cowboy boots.

(photos by e.hunt)


  1. And what a fun weekend it was!! You are a joy and a pleasure to be with AND shop with - I'll take it as a clompliment that I 'know you' when it comes to picking things out! We'll do it again :)

    1. Yes it's definitely a compliment! Thanks again!