Saturday, June 1, 2013

In Such a Quandary

I am in the process of designing some new blog cards but I'm having trouble deciding on a font (damn my indecisiveness!) so I thought I'd ask you, my readers!  Which one do you think captures the true essence of my blog, and fits well with the picture?



Bauhaus 93?

Or Kino MT?

And the backside is the same for each, but here's a sample, in Kino MT font.

(photos and design by e.hunt)


  1. Cool post!! I kindof (!!) like the 'Zapfino' for the front but something simpler for the back. Great idea for the card, love the pic choice :)

    You doing this with Vistaprint?

  2. Thanks, they're two of my favorites out of more recent pictures. Thinking I'll do the same font for front and back, for continuity, but we'll see. Thanks for the input!