Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let's Ride

My brother Andrew and I went to Rock Island the other day, and man was it an adventure.  I felt like a Pocahontas-Indiana Jones mix but without raccoon and hummingbird companions and not in a secret underground civilization.  The water level was pretty high, making it fairly dangerous, and even though my sunglasses didn't make it, we're still alive!

First we went in the downstream direction, running into an uncrossable break in the rocks, where these giant fish were hanging out.  They were at least two feet long and looked like catfish but didn't have the whiskers.  A friendly fellow-adventurer (one of the four or five other people we saw the whole day) thought they might be trout.

On the way back in the other direction, we stopped for a snack break right in front of the treacherous rapids.  This cool rock slab stack-of-pancakes formation sitting on a tiny square was also in view.  

Further down the line, things got really exciting.  The high water level was posing quite a dilemma; we wanted to get across to the far side, but the strong currents and rapids that were covering rocks necessary to make a safe, step-stone path across were preventing us.  However; we did find a solution!  About a foot or so underwater right up next to this rock wall was a small ledge big enough to put your feet on.  We shimmied along, finding handholds in the rock wall to keep balance, getting soaked under the waterfalls, and being general badasses.

We made it to the end and decided to climb up a waterfall, even though there was rushing water and the rocks were slippery and covered in moss.  Needless to say, I acquired a few battle wounds throughout the course of the day.

The view at the top!

But alas, there was no way across at the upper level either.  No worries, we just hung out under the falls for a bit before making the journey back, which included some refreshing runs through waterfalls, hoping that a bug or snake doesn't come out of the wall where you decided to cling to, and a bit of life-threatening reverse wall climbing.  What an awesome day.

(photos by e.hunt and a.hunt)

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  1. You guys win the prize for being the 'Biggest Badasses' ever!