Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Behind the Glass There's a World On a String

Window displays can be really interesting, or, in more cases than not, really boring.  Some companies just realize the importance of a strong, intriguing window and have capitalized on that.  Of course, some companies' target markets value a creative display more than others, but everyone can enjoy a cool window.  It can stop people in their tracks, make them intrigued about what else the store has to offer, and says something about the care and quality of the company.  Some are even known for their eye-catching window displays.

Anthropologie perhaps holds the top spot in window reputation.  Often whimsical and dreamy, featuring repetition of simple recycled products, they do a great job of staying within their branding.

Lanvin has a more edgy vibe, with more flexible mannequins that have a flair for the dramatic.

There are others who have their good moments.  Bergdorf is bizarre, surreal, and completely over the top.  

 Le Printemps is simple and aesthetically pleasing.

And Selfridges has a more architectural feel.

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