Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rock, Paper, Fashion Book Photo

I'm thinking Kindof Maybe needs another weekly feature.  The Word of the Week is lonely, and feeling unnecessarily thrust to a higher rung on the social ladder, being the only one of it's kind and all. The new feature that will appear once a week will be a page from my Fashion Book, which is my collection of pages ripped out of fashion magazines from all the way back when I was thirteen or fourteen years old.  Clothes I wish I could afford, ideas for editing my own clothes, and pictures with a beautiful concept or composition fill the pages, often many on one page, or cut and ripped to my heart's desire in order to create a cool design and effect.  For the grand opening post, I've included three pages (instead of what will be a weekly one); the first with an altered single page, the second meshing two images together, and the third showing the overall book.

(photos and designs by e.hunt)

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