Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Be Alright With the Freak and the Funky

There is a popular theme for a dress-up party known as Dress As Your Drink.  Unfortunately I never had the creative pleasure of coming up with a costume of this nature.  Here are some interpretations along the line of what I would want to dress like if I were invited to a party of this theme-ature.

Bloody Mary:  The title of this drink comes from a relentless Queen of English past who had a thing with killing people she didn't like.  The drink is a lot less volatile, but holds the name due to its color and consistency.  Keep the history part alive by wearing something medieval looking, and red, of course.

Sex on the Beach/Surfer On Acid:  You could go a lot of different ways with this; grass skirt hawaiian, board shorts, wrapped in a beach towel, or anything else beach related.  This idea plays up both the beach (with the bikini) and the typical morning after by the girl wearing her man's button-up.

Jungle Juice:  Let the wild, unpredictability of the jungle inspire your look for this crazy drink.  Animal prints, frizzy hair, flora and fauna, a tarzan and jane two-piece... pretty much anything goes in this category as long as you follow the "the crazier the better" rule.

Rum Runner/Captain Morgan:  Anything piratey, meaning throw on several layers of different textures, lengths, fittedness, and level of edge.  Some kind of hat or head scarf would lend itself nicely as well.  Both of these looks would recognizably be a Captain Morgan drink, especially if you did his signature pose.

Martini, Shaken, Not Stirred:  Just be James Bond, complete with suit, bow tie, walther ppk, and perhaps a homemade gadget interpretation or two.

(photos collected from googleimages, and refinery29, and fashiongonerogue)

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