Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hip to be a Square

In a lot of people's opinions, there are a few styles that get a bad rap: the prep, the ultra conservative, and the geek, for example.  In my opinion, it really depends on how people embrace and make interesting said genres of clothing.

The Prep.  Those kids who grew up learning to play golf at the country club, spent summers being torn between the lakehouse and the yaht, had a closet full of polo and j.crew classics, and whose biggest challenge was deciding which ivy league school to attend.  These ladies have a little street in them too though.  They've still got the traditional plaid, collared polos, and family crests, but they edge it up a little by sticking to darker colors, mixing prints, and patterned tights.

The Ultra Conservative.  Never will I ever wear a non-crew neck shirt, unbutton more than one button of a button-up, pull a skirt up higher than mid-thigh, or paint my nails in a bright color.  (This is what I imagine the creed starts with at The Ultra Conservatives Club meetings.)  This lady is slightly stepping outside of code, but in a good way, by wearing a trendy shorts romper and throwing a sweater on over it.  The gladiators and flashy-ish bangles add some points of interest, while the pulled up hair and neutral colors keep her in good standing with the Club.

The Geek.  School, library, studying, research, read, sleep, start over.  Geeks probably have the worst reputation fashion-wise, but there is so much potential!  Button-ups, vests, off-beat graphic t-shirts, scarves, plastic-frame glasses, sweater-vests, pants, crops, and the list goes on.  By not really knowing what to pair and how to wear, geek fashion can become effortlessly cool, like this grade-A library-dwelling lady.

(photos collected from Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style, thefashionface, and fashiongonerogue)

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