Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dream Awhile, Scheme Awhile

Peaceful serenity, a murmuring calm, a halcyon tranquility (point for using a Word of the Week!).  All of these words might describe this set-up: the pale greenish-blue clapboards, the sunbeams pouring in through the window, the happy smile on my face.  But it's not; something's not as it should be.  I'm fooling you, hiding something.  It's a secret.  Can you guess?

Give up?  That's ok; I didn't exactly give you a hint.  So here it is: I'm wearing the suspender skirt inside out.  Right ways, it's a shiny grey material with an accordion fold skirt section, which you can slightly see peeking out from the bottom in these photos.  This way's better, although zippering it was a bit difficult with the zipper on the inside.

(photos by e.hunt)

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