Friday, July 6, 2012

Only Fools Are Positive

When I was younger, my family and I came up with a title, title song, and opening sequence of a future James Bond movie, Only Fools Are Positive.  As to be expected, it includes a scene-stealing bad guy, Bond, James Bond exchanging playful banter and clever jabs with said bad guy, which eventually leads to a shoot out and many an explosion.  The bad guy gets away, giving an excuse for there to be some top-notch opening credits and a plot for the rest of the movie.

Like all of Bond's previous outings, it will take place in all manner of exotic locales around the world.  There will be a grand party of some kind in Paris, a fight taking place high above Rio de Janeiro in a gondola, and perhaps a car chase down the nighttime streets of Shanghai.

The bad guy will be unabashedly wealthy and consequently, he will be dashingly well-dressed.

And of course there will be an intriguing femme fatale or two.

Look for it in theaters near you (within the next ten years or so).

(photos collected from googleimages, thesartorialist, studdedhearts, and fashiontoast)

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