Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Up the Mountain

The last few days of the trip, I decided that instead of partaking in the morning shopping excursion, I would explore up, away from tourist area by walking up the mountain a ways into the more residential area.  Man, was it worth it!

I saw so many beautiful houses with flowers spilling out of windows and over balconies, colorful details, and amazing views looking out over the city.  I took so many pictures of balconies; I think I'm destined to own a house one day that has a balcony overlooking the ocean.

I really enjoyed walking around up there.  It was quieter than by the water, but the few people I did see were still very friendly and happy-looking.  I also liked being on my own for a bit, going at my own pace and turning down any street I wanted to.  It was also a great boost for the step count!

(photos by e.hunt)

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