Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Day Four

One of the mornings we went the opposite way of the Malacon and up, away from the ocean.  Mom and Debby remembered finding some cool shops in the area so they wanted to check it out.  It was an extra hot day so it was nice to wander into a cool shop here and there.

We walked by some amazing buildings.  There was a bit more construction in this area.  Seems like the tourism industry is spreading in this direction.

After a morning of walking and shopping, we were ready for a little refreshment and a cool place to sit.  Enter this very bright and colorful restaurant, Margarita Grill.

These were probably the best margaritas we had the whole trip!  Don't they look delicious?  We also got an order of chips, salsa, and guacamole, and it was made right at the table.  Can't be fresher than that!

On the way back we passed by this really cool mosaic wall and took advantage of the photo op before heading back to the hotel and another amazing photo op, the Pacific Ocean!

After that Mom and I hung out on the balcony for a bit while Debby and Rachel did a little more shopping and then it was time for the pool.  Ahhh, vacation life is rough.

That night we went to one of Mom and Debby's favorite restaurants for their famous guacamole toast, and it did not disappoint.  More walking, a fine Mexican dinner, and seeing a local dancer on the way home made for quite a lovely evening, and quite tired vacationers!

(photos by e.hunt)

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