Monday, July 3, 2017

Team PV

The next few days were kindof the same.  Wake up, coffee on the balcony, an excursion to the shops, a little time at the pool, shower time, then out for dinner and a stroll.

One of the days we ventured a few streets up from the Malayan to find Mom and Debby's favorite clothing store, Maria's.  She specializes in colorful linen pants, of which Mom and Debby obsess over.  Rachel and I pulled up chairs to form a voting committee, and needless to say, they each got several new pairs.

This was also the day that I found the local Starbucks.  What can I say, I need my daily espresso!  The baristas were very friendly, and it was fun to see how they mark their Spanish-version cups.  Bebida, indeed!

The pool was always nice and peaceful, even though there was usually another group or two of people up there.  The view was amazing, and because the sun was out for days in a row, by our last day the pool water was pretty warm, but it was still refreshing after sitting in the sun for a bit.

(photos by r.hunt, e.hunt, and d.barney)

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