Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Let's Go to the Oxxo

That night we walked way down to the other end of the Malacon.  This was the area Debby and I stayed when we came ten years ago.  I didn't really remember it, but sort of, if that makes sense.  I walked down some back streets in a section that looked almost more Italian than Mexican.

I passed a beautiful mermaid.

And this strange statue marking the end of the Malacon.  Is it some sort of depiction of the passage of time?  The gods leaving Earth?  The path to freedom?  Who knows?  It is interesting though.

We stopped for dinner on the walk back.  I had a delicious bowl of tortilla soup and a Pacifico, of course.

On the walk back we had a perfect view of the sunset, and there was a nice breeze flowing through as well.  We passed the Trojan Seahorse, and I was lucky to get some pics without any passersby in the way!

It was a very pleasant evening.  Mom and I stopped at the convenience store, Oxxo, to get our nightly beers for the balcony, and an ice cream treat.  We never found a close enough grocery store, but there were Oxxo's on every block, and they had enough items to get us through the week.

(photos by e.hunt)

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