Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I have experienced a range of emotions today: disbelief, disillusion, sadness, fear, anger.  I am in disbelief that I am writing this somber article, rather than one of excitement for our first female president.  I am in disillusion in that there are so many people in this country who support these backward ideals and abhorrent behavior.  I am sad that these people felt that this was the answer to our country’s problems.  I am afraid for friends and strangers alike who will feel the brunt of the hatred.  And I am mad as hell, for all of the above reasons.

To all of the people who voted for Big Donny, I have yet to hear or read an eloquent reason for your vote, or an explanation as to why you turned your back on people different from you.  I, and the rest of the world (who are laughing at us), am waiting.  In all of this though, I am trying to continue to have hope.  Hope that good moral conscious will outweigh the upcoming hatred towards women, minorities, people of non-Christian faiths, the disabled, the poor, and the LGBT community.

In my confusion, I look to the thing that gives me comfort: movies.  In movies, hope is everywhere.  In all of my beloved fantasy world epics like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Harry Potter, the evil always wins in the second part.  Frodo falls to darkness while Sauron’s orc army grows, Luke’s hand is cut off and Han is frozen in carbonite, and Voldemort gets closer and closer to Harry.  Even in stories that don’t spread over two or three movies, the protagonist always suffers a setback before rising up and defeating the evil.  We are experiencing that Part Two right now.  Evil has prevailed today, but good will overcome.  We have to push through and believe that all people deserve better, and eventually we will see Part Three.  Good always wins.

I will not stand united for this country because clearly, we are not united in our beliefs that all humans deserve respect.  We all have to live in this world together (which may not survive much longer thanks to our environment-hating new leading party), and I would rather see a world of understanding, rather than hate.  I will stand with those who renounce bigotry, racism, sexism, xenophobia, and assholism.  And in the end, it is us who will win.  Because after all, this is only Part Two.

(photos collected from starwars, goodreads, and funbuzztime)

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