Friday, October 7, 2016

Through Shadows to the Edge of Night, Until the Stars Are All Alight

Last Saturday after I got home from Springfield, I took a quick shower and we were out again.  Dad was playing music with Jay at the opening weekend of this new venue down in The Delmar Loop called The Delmar Hall.  We went early to grab some pizza across the street and get some good seats. We didn't have to worry though; there was a special VIP section for friends of the band.  After a while  Dad's two brothers, my aunt, cousin, and a few of their friends joined us.

It was a great show.  I don't listen to Jay's music all that much in my free time but it's always a treat to see them live.  You can tell the music is complicated and it is amazing to see them play and hear the songs.  We eventually moved down to the standing section for a better view, and better pictures!

The venue had this weird thing going on with the lighting.  It seemed like they bought all this expensive lighting, different colors and patterns, and felt like they had to use it even though it didn't really work with Jay's vibe at all.  It made for some cool picture effects though.

It's always fun to go see Dad play music.  We get to hear him playing all the time at home but it's not the same as when he's on the stage with hundreds of people cheering and singing along.  What a great night.

(photos by e.hunt)

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