Monday, October 3, 2016

Scotch, Rum, and Dancing the Night Away

It was another successful Springfield trip.  The drive was peaceful and because it was overcast, I had awesome views like this the whole way down!

I got in around dinner time and went to Bread Co for a salad and worked on a few things before meeting up with friends for the night.  Hannah and I met up downtown at this place called Scotch and Soda.  We went for a while last time I was in town and I thought it'd be fun to go back.  It's has kindof an old-time English vibe, and they don't blare pop music so we could talk and catch up.  I got a Tom Collins and it was quite delicious.

Then we headed over to this new place on the square called The Golden Girl Rum Club.  I think it's my new favorite.  It had a Hawaiian theme and was bright and happy.  We got two spots at the bar and ordered daiquiris.  I thought a festive frozen delight would be fun but when they came up they weren't frozen at all!  Oh well, they were still very good.

After that we met up with some of Hannah's friends and went to a club for some late night dancing.  The group made a little circle to keep the creepers away and it was quite fun.  I haven't been out dancing in a long time so it was a nice change of pace.  After a while I was ready to leave and meet up with an old friend who is a fraternity house father.  It's kindof weird going back to the Quad now that I'm so much older, but it's worth it to catch up with old friends.

(photos by e.hunt)

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