Friday, January 15, 2016

The Interior of the Temple Will Be Like a Forest

We left the Barcelona Pavilion, hopped on the metro, and made it just in time for our 3:30-3:45 tickets to the Sagrada Familia.  It's such a big tourist destination that you have to buy tickets in advance and for a specific time as well.

We entered by way of the Nativity Facade, full of life and movement to represent the life of Christ.  The Sagrada Familia is another Gaudi project.  Construction started in 1882 and is still being built today.  Computer technology has greatly sped up the process, but we think it has taken away from the hand-carved stone look that is so impressive.

This little turtle (which is carrying quite a load at the bottom of a giant pillar!) greeted us at the door.  The inside was unlike anything I have ever seen before.  This was clearly Gaudi's lifelong vision and magnum opus.

There was so much to look at!  I don't know how anybody could attend a service there and actually pay attention.  Taylor and I both thought that while amazing to see and look at, the style wasn't really our favorite.  There were definitely some things that didn't really fit; like those strange, bulbous jewels about halfway up the pillars.  We did agree, however, that this staircase was incredible.  The best part of the church, by far.

I thought it looked like a secret entrance to Lothlorien, the elven land among the trees in Lord of the Rings, which led me to think about how awesome it would have been to see a whole world or city that looked like this.  Wouldn't it have been so cool to have Gaudi be a concept designer for something like Lord of the Rings?!

We exited on the other side, which was the Passion Facade.  As the title suggests, it details the Passion of the Christ, and is therefor much more sparse and angular than the celebratory Nativity scene.  We were greeted with a nice, happy palm tree on the floor though.

I really liked the fruits sitting on some of the rooftops.  They don't have any real meaning, other than promoting the life and nature theme on the Nativity side.  The third facade, which isn't completed yet,  is called the Glory Facade, and is supposed to be the most extravagant.  I can't even imagine what that'll look like.

(photos by e.hunt)

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