Monday, January 4, 2016

Away Up On the Hill

Upon leaving Sainte Chapelle, Taylor and I decided to split up for a few hours.  He wanted to go back to see the rest of the Centre Pompidou, and I wanted to go up to the Sacre Coeur and Montmartre area.

It was extremely crowded, but the beautiful white church and views of the city didn't disappoint.  I still haven't been inside (that'll be a goal for the next Paris trip), but the angles and corners of the outside are very intriguing.

I continued on down the windy cobblestone streets of the bohemian center, Montmartre.  A lot more of the shops were cheap-y tourist traps than I remember but I found a couple good ones, along with some gorgeous views down the hill, and Christmas decorations everywhere.

On a little side street off the main drag was this great little artisan shop.  They had the coolest displays inside as well as outside the store.  Along the wall they had little shelves and things hanging with Christmas lights draped behind everything.

When you walked inside all the ceramic-ware was organized by color, which was nice because if one color immediately stood out to you as the best (like it did for me), you could look at everything all together rather than having to hunt for it throughout the store.  Another nice thing, that usually gets overlooked in a little store with so much product, was that there wasn't a speck of dust on any of the pieces.

(photos by e.hunt)