Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Visit From Père Noël

And then it was Christmas morning!  We slept in and woke to find that Santa came to our little apartment, all the way in Paris!  We had stopped at a patisserie the day before to get some special breakfast goodies, including pain au chocolates and some Bailey's to put in our coffee.

Next it was present time!  Our host received a package that mom sent overseas and had it waiting in our apartment for us, which was quite a surprise.  Taylor and I had both gotten small gifts for each other, but it was nice to have a few more to open.

After slowly getting ready for the day, we had one epic FaceTime call with the rest of the family.  And by that I mean that we had three different cities all connected, all able to see each other at the same time.  Taylor and I (in Paris) were on mom's phone (in STL), while Dad had Andrew (who's in Nashville) on his.  It was quite a feat getting all of us in range for this picture!

After our lovely little Christmas chat, Taylor and I were off to the Centre Pompidou, the only place in Paris that wasn't closed for the day.  Even though it's a bit late, Merry Christmas from the whole world 'round!

(photos by e.hunt, and g.hunt)

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