Friday, March 6, 2015

Simplicity Is the Ultimate Sophistication

Happy Friday!  Supposedly, we will be getting a bit of a reprieve from the freezing cold, in the form of 50 and 60 degree days!  I'm. So. Ready.  Although I will be working the majority of the days, I'm planning on getting in a run or two, and Mom and I might go shopping.  Spring shopping, of course.  As usual, I'm looking for a new, rather specific pair of shoes.  To round out my professional wardrobe a little more (as it could always use a little more rounding out) I think I need a good pair of flats.  I have some awesome heels, but those won't be good for the classroom everyday.

I'm drawn towards the bright colors,

But a neutral black or navy makes more sense.

Or silver would be a pretty cool neutral too.

I have one other requirement: they have to have a fairly high-reaching top part, as my size ten monster feet tend to look even more boat-like when the top of my foot is open and free.

(photos collected from apartment34, lovelypepa, stylecaster, dustjacket-attic, shop.nordstrom, goldandgrey.blogspot, solesociety, theblondesalad, and stylecaster)

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