Sunday, January 18, 2015

There Is No Cure for Curiosity

Here is a story of deep, dark aromas, a tale of warm awakening, a yarn of good taste.  It is a quick story, steeped in experimentation and ratios of goodness.  Here is the story of instant coffee.

Step One:  While boiling water in a teapot (see background of above picture), pour the contents of one instant coffee packet into an eight ounce mug.

Step Two:  When the water is boiling, pour into the mug.  Notice how quickly the coffee powder mixes in with the water.

Step Three:  Using a spoon, stir the coffee in a clockwise motion for a few spins, making sure the coffee is completely mixed in.

Step Four:  Enjoy a delicious mug of coffee!  

Note:  Taylor and I tried both the Pike Place, which is a medium roast, as well as Veranda, which is a lighter blonde roast, and were quite partial to the blonde, as it had a much smoother taste.

(photos by e.hunt)


  1. Is this my confirmed non-coffee drinker speaking???

  2. Ha! One of the side effects of working at Starbucks.