Friday, January 23, 2015

Far From What I Once Was But Not Yet What I'm Going to Be

I started semester two of grad school this week, but the difference is, I'm not only taking education classes, but content area requirement classes as well.  I've already crossed off several credits from random history classes I took out of interest in college, as well as AP classes I took way back in high school!  How awesome is that?!  There are about five or six classes still required, but I'm knocking two of them off this semester by taking US History:1865-Present and Intro to Sociology.

So, once again I'm thinking of the day that I will have my own history or art classroom and will have to dress the part.  Cold weather can be quite beneficial to professional wear; layers are always a good thing, and little cardigans and button-ups definitely have a scholarly feel to them, while leggings and tights keep skirts and dresses still on the table.  Keeping things simple is key, while throwing in a quiet print now and then is a good way to switch things up.

(photos collected from theseams, stylescrapbook, lovely-pepa, theclassycubicle, fabsugar, and cuteandlittle)

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