Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

For being a very anti-Winter person, I sure do like cold weather activities.  I go out of my mind during Winter Olympics years (the next ones are in PyeongChang, South Korea in 2018!), I absolutely love figure skating, and though I don't go very often, skiing is also one of my favorite sports.  Even with the surrounding snow, cold wind blowing in your face, and the occasional wipeout into the cold snow, skiing is one of those exhilarating, feel-like-you're-flying sports that also makes you appreciate the power of nature.  Like surfing, it is one sport that requires a very specific type of weather and landscape on which to do it.  There's nothing quite like standing at the top of a mountain after riding multiple ski lifts and gondolas, and then racing all the way to the bottom.

(photos collected from imgur, skicoupons, forbes, powdermag, bestsnowboardingblog, and travel.nationalgeographic)

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