Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Different Place on the Globe

On one of my recent Pinterest forays, I came across a really awesome website called The Best Travel Photos.  It is made up of viewer-submitted photos they took while traveling.  The type of photos range from so-so, cliche travel spots to high-quality expositions of color and culture.  Of course there are the overly-photoshopped ones, and ones that could use a little editing, but for the most part, going through this website has been like taking a trip around the world.  Here are some of my favorites (and I'm only on page 25!).

Chios, Greece

Ponte de Lima, Portugal

Gloucester Cathedral, England

Venice, Italy

Paris, France

Zakynthos, Greece


Shirakawa-go, Japan

Valley Village, Iceland

New Orleans, Louisiana

(photos collected from besttravelphotos)

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