Saturday, April 12, 2014

Best Thrift Shops in Nashville

1.  Live True.  A little indie clothing shop, with vintage everything thrown in as well.  There's a lot of character to this place, and the owner is very pleasant and knows her inventory really well.  I can usually find something here, whether it's clothing or a cool something for a friend, but it's the small business customer service that keeps me going back.

2.  McKay's.  This massive warehouse of used movies and books is quite the experience.  You could spend an entire day here and not get to everything.  Both the books and movies are organized by genre, making it easy to browse.  The book prices are a steal, and you can find some deals on movies too.

3.  The Great Escape.  This little hole in the wall has everything electronic related: movies, video games, records, cd's, etc.  Everything is well priced, and the staff is friendly and helpful too.  It's the perfect place for enthusiasts of any one of the products, and you're sure to find something worth getting.

4.  Goodwill.  Specifically the one at Gallatin and Eastland in East Nash.  It's small enough that it's not overwhelming, but big enough that there's a nice selection of goods.  It's usually pretty clean and organized, and the staff always seems so happy, throwing jokes back and forth to one another.  I've found everything from clothes, to books, to movies, to dishware, to picture frames and rarely do I go in and not find anything.

5.  Katy K.  This western wear boutique over in 12 South is a fun trip.  Loaded with vintage and new clothes alike, you're sure to find something cool.  It's a bit more expensive than the other entries on this list, but it's because the pieces are like none other.

(photos by e.hunt, and collected from hobbiesonabudget, nashvillegeekgirl, mbasic, and googleimages)

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