Saturday, April 5, 2014

Among the Rocks and the Sand

Sorry I've been a little off the radar the past couple weeks, I've been rather busy.  Since the weather is back to being absolutely gorgeous, I've started picking up the running regimen again.  In finding a couple of regular loops to take (I had three in stl and two in springtown), I've stumbled upon some really cool residential areas, and only got lost once in a thicket of neighborhood streets that kept winding around and away from the main roads I know.  I was also spending my evenings working on a new chalk pastel project; an interpretation of one of Ralph McQuarrie's Star Wars concept pieces.

After much staring at the original, studying the colors and directions in which they flow, testing of color mixing to get the exact match, and getting over my hesitations to draw Luke and the speeder, all while drinking wine and listening to the Dean Martin pandora station, it was complete.  I went to the local Goodwill in hopes of finding a good frame, which I did.  I guessed the size and it turned out to be a perfect fit!  Here is the finished product in it's new home, Andrew's new apartment.

(photos by e.hunt, and collected from googleimages)

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