Friday, April 11, 2014

Best Restaurants in Nashville

1.  Five Points Pizza.  Hands down, the best pizza in the city.  Nestled right in the heart of The Five Points in East Nashville, this restaurant is trendy, but at the same time, it's a trend that isn't going anywhere.  The staff is very typical east nash fare, with lots of tattoos, long hair, and a cool-friendly disposition.  They have a great selection of beer to enjoy with your pizza, and serve it by the slice as well as by the whole pie.

2.  The Pharmacy.  I'm not a big meat person, but these burgers are absolutely fabulous.  The German-style, outdoor beer garden adds a nice flair, and is delightful in the summer months.  Big string lights and wooden picnic tables set the scene, with lots of rambunctious tables having great times.  They are also known for their sodas, shakes, and malts fountain.

3.  Rose Pepper.  Authentic mexicana, with authentic margaritas as well.  This is a fun place to go with a group of people.  They have a large open-air covered patio, and rather eclectic decorations throughout, including but not limited to string lights, wrought iron wall hangings, chandeliers, and large mosaics.  Their extensive menu offers some really delicious takes on mexican style favorites as well.

4.  Italia Pizza.  I do have to admit, I've never actually been to this restaurant, but their delivery pizza is incredible.  I can only imagine what the in-house pies taste like.  The perfect to-go pizza: it comes in this really well-designed box where the top is perforated so you can tear it apart into four plates.  Pizza party time!

5.  Mitchell's Deli.  This little sandwich shop located over in Riverside in East Nashville is the quintessential sandwich shop.  It's got all your classics (I'm partial to the BLT), but has a wide variety of edgy, more experimental sandwiches as well.  They are hand made to order, and they never skimp on the ingredients.

(photos collected from fivepointspizza, thepharmacynashville, nashvillelifestyles, katyfriends, and oldredboots)

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